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Dr. Niedermaier Pharma was founded in 1939 in Germany. The food chemist and pharmacist researched various medicinal plants and their effects on the immune system and the self-healing processes of the body. In the meantime, the once small company has developed into a successful company for organic and natural products. In addition to natural cosmetics and dietary supplements, Dr. Niedermaier Pharma is famous for its Rechtsregulat®, which results from the patented cascade fermentation. The concentrate gives the body new energy and ensures with its exquisite and pure ingredients that the body-own biological processes are regulated. Regulat® Beauty is a premium skincare line based on organic and all-natural ingredients. Together with the effectiveness of the Regulat you can achieve incredible results. Whether cleaning products, anti-aging creams, day or night care: The Dr. Niedermaier skin care is gentle on the skin, does not cause irritations and does not dry out the skin. And because true beauty comes from within, Regulatpro® Hyaluron ampoules provide smooth skin and fewer wrinkles, firmer connective tissue, stronger hair and nails.
Dr. Niedermaier Regulatpro Hyaluron Drink
Hyaluronic drink for more beautiful skin, stronger hair and firm nails
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